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Miggs Rosales, founder of is a digital creative/ content creator based in Canada. He loves doing photography, event managing, vlogging, graphic designing and filmmaking. Started out his career in 2015 with minor event organizing followed by founding his own events team “Revival Events” in 2016. He also started working on his own music festival wayback 2016 in Manila, Philippines called “Fandomland Music Festival”. The festival took place on October 22nd with a massive sold out crowd months before the event itself. The festival also trended online almost every day since it was first announced on July 2016. Now, the festival is being supported by another events coordinating company to make it even better and bigger. It is expected to return by early 2018. He also worked with some event organizations such as “Rave City Philippines” where he did some of the graphic designing content and promotions. He also started offering his photography/ videography services to multiple clients in 2016. He is now currently based in Alberta, Canada where he continues to progress in the field of filmmaking, blogging, content creating and photography.

The blog

The blogging website was officially launched on July 30th of 2017. The blog specializes in travel, events, lifestyle, men fashion, food, photography and many more.

Does Miggs Rosales accept clients? 

Yes, he does! He accept all kinds of events, shoots and whatever you may want wherever you are. Just go directly to for direct contact and/or quote requests.