in about 3 minutes, i’m going to turn 18. a very important and special transition in a teenager’s life. i am beyond thankful because i got to celebrate it the best way i can possibly can. as a seventeen year old boy, i learned so many things i never thought i could learn in such an early age. it started with a very big transition for my family, where in we moved from our hometown (the Philippines) to our brand new home, Canada exactly a year go (my birthday). seventeen opened so many doors and opportunities for me.  seventeen definitely exceeded my expectations. I guess this is a proof that everything can change in just a snap. luckily for me, it changed for the better. so.. as I turn 18, I will make sure to live my life to the fullest (like what I always say… and do). I’ll make sure not to wait for tomorrow anymore… if I can do something today, I will do it! remember that time is gold. I will make sure to enjoy and appreciate the present moment. I will also make sure to let my love ones know that I love them every day. (so if you’re reading this.. and you’re a friend of mine, a family member, an old classmate, old teacher, old co-worker or even my enemy.. I love you and thank you for bringing an impact to my life – minor or major way. I appreciate you.)  as I turn 18, I’ll make sure to leave all of the negative thoughts behind. I may not be a changed person yet, but I’ve surely improved. i’m looking forward to enter this whole new world of pre-adulthood. will keep you updated.

watch how we welcomed my 18th birthday here:



shot in whistler, BC 

April 4th, 2018


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