Deck the halls with the spirit of Christmas! The season of giving and hectic Christmas shopping is upon us. Don’t let this festive time to spend and give presents overwhelm you though—there’s a bunch of ways to enjoy Christmas in extravagant and in simpler ways. So grab a glass of eggnog and much on your Christmas cookies because here are 12 Days of what you can do this Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas breathe in that winter cold air and of course prepare the presents; getting this out of the way lets you enjoy the rest of your Christmas days to focus more on enjoying the festivities.

While for our second day of Christmas, gear up and decorate. Take your homemade or store-bought decorations and throw your heart into decorating.  Call out a friend or a family member to help you if this is too hard but have fun.

For our third day of Christmas, raid the groceries! It’s time to prepare that festive meal for all your friends and family. Bake the Christmas gingerbread cookies, get that eggnog made, and set up that holiday Ham for December 25! Having all those goods saved in your fridge will help you avoid again that Christmas rush market.

For the fourth day of our little Christmas find yourself by giving something to those less fortunate. Simply giving a coat for the person freezing outside or sending a gift to a kid without a family can mean the world to them. It doesn’t even have to be a tangible item—taking the time to put on shows for the community or start a donation can make their Christmas a Christmas to remember.

And on the fifth day of Christmas, go out and enjoy the festivities! There’s lightshows being put on, ice sculpting events, or basically have fun outside. Enjoy that whiff of snowflakes and that Christmas magic. Go play in the snow or if in a tropical country, enjoy that snow cone and ice cream.

On the sixth day of our Christmas list stay in and get more festive with Christmas movies! This is the time most shows play the ever-so-festive Christmas episodes. Call over some friends and simply enjoy the movies with caramel popcorn and milk.

The seventh day of our Christmas is here! What’s that festive song playing outside?—Carollers! Try singing your heart out of simply join a group of friends and spread the Christmas spirit by playing in carols!

On the eight day of Christmas do something just for you. Do something you love to do during Christmas. Try spending for yourself too because you deserve it for a year well lived; treat yourself to cosy Christmas outfits or good Christmas food for your own enjoyment or simply bundle up and grab that hot chocolate.

On the ninth day of Christmas sadly time to do the chores. This could be optional but before kicking off with more parties and guests cleaning and preparing the house to perfection is one way to go. So grab that mob and broom and start de cluttering the area to make room for that party.

On the tenth day of Christmas set the date and invite the guests. Finalize how many will go, how many presents you might need to go last minute shopping for, and create the games. Fun games to play on Christmas may bring a smile so get researching on what to play and we then move on to our eleventh day.

On this day prepare for the battle! Set up the event or house, prepare the food, bake the goods, and make sure everything is ready to have a blast during this Christmas party celebration. Not only prepare for others but again prepare yourself. Wear your most festive outfit even if it’s an ugly Christmas sweater it might be a conversation starter.

Twelve days of Christmas is now over! On the last day go and enjoy the food, your family and friends gathered all under one roof, to open and give each other presents. Remind each person how much you love them so play that loud jingles,  have fun, and have a Merry Merry Christmas!

Written by Megumi Fujita for 



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