Personally I’d like to think fears and risk go hand-in-hand; having a fear and conquering it can mean risking a lot in the process but may be worth it in the end.

Think of it this way– if you’re scared of something you don’t know or haven’t experienced then it might deprive you of something yet to be discovered. The thing is if you let this stop you from pursuing a dream then thats a fear you should at least think of conquering.

It may be hard but adventures await. See the beauty of what lies behind those fear; Enjoy, try, and learn. To every wall of fear is a beautiful scene behind it.


A few steps that might help conquer these fear and become a risk taker  are the following tips:

1.) Don’t think about it too much

It sometimes helps to put less thought into it. The more you don’t think of it the less stress builds up. In the end you can somewhat focus more on the positive side to things rather than harbor on the negative.

2.) Take small steps

Its alright to sink your toes first into a pool to check the water. Same thing somewhat goes when diving into risks and fears. Having a whole bucket of these fears and risks poured at you can be overwhelming so tackling it slowly and at a pace you’re comfortable with helps a lot.

3.) Try it with someone you trust

Having a friend to help you out or someone to lean on when things get to scary can serve as sa small heaven even if it’s just for a while. Make sure their encouraging and are people who you trust so that conquering your fear won’t be too forced.


Finishing this off, try to go out there and not let fear stop you. Take the risks that may or may not result into something beneficial. Though it’s alright to take your time and be logical. Learn from the mistakes and quoting Dale Carnegie, “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” so explore and have an adventure!


Photographs by Miggs Rosales

Co-written by Megumi Fujita for





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