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As we were travelling the other day, I saw this retro local thrift store across the road and was curious what’s in it. So of course, I looked around and scored some good stuff! I’m not used to thrift stores but experiencing it once in awhile can be fun too. It’s a proof that you don’t have to spend too much on your things just to make it look nice and stylish.


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As we entered the store, I immediately noticed a lot of breads on the table. Then I saw a signage saying “2 free breads per family only”. I was like “wow, really?”. I’m not used to seeing stores giving away free food, but apparently.. they do! And that’s so cool.

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I also found these luminaire mini christmas light packages for just a dollar each! And I was so happy I found them. I was actually looking for some since the other week, but since I was so busy I wasn’t able to purchase it online. Good thing I didn’t buy online which is around $20 each. I was looking for a christmas light decor for my bedroom which you’ll see in the photo below.

The next thing that I found was these 3 pack wall canvas art which is perfect for the missing design in my new bedroom wall for just around $5! And I really love the design by the way.

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Overall, that was a quick and fun shop in this local thrift store! Thrift stores might be one my new favourites now. Speaking of thrifts & good finds, did you know that you can also shop thrift online? Yes, you don’t have to go out! Isn’t that cool? You just shop then just just wait for it to arrive at your own home? It’s like online shopping but in this one, you get to buy pre-loved and some brand new stock items in the most cheapest offer ever!

Im so glad to announce that my own instagram thrift store is now on it’s soft opening! Go follow @THEMRSHOP on instagram to shop some of my pre-loved clothes, items + some brand new cool stuffs too. We ship USA & CANADA + WORLDWIDE! You can directly go to miggsrosales.com/shop to shop thrift!


Stay stylish in the most affordable way! No need to spend too much from now on. Stay tuned for more upcoming collections.

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edited thrift


Comment down your favourite thrift finds or if you haven’t tried shopping in a thrift store yet! Join the blog newsletter to keep updated. Thanks for reading and see you on my next blog!




  1. I used to leave around such amazing thrift stores, not so much these days. I still have an amazing table that I purchased ten years ago at Value Village that perfectly fits my record player, it is one of my favorite pieces. And on an unrelated note, I absolutely love your hair!


  2. I too love going to thrift shops! Back when I lived in the US, I would go a lot. It was always fun to find funny t-shirts and things at just a lower cost. I also think that it was cool they were giving out bread. The Salvation Army in general does a lot to help people in need, so perhaps they got the bread as a donation and wanted to give it out to customers.


  3. Wow I’ve never heard of shops giving away free food either but that is totally awesome, especially for families with children who may be struggling to afford everything. I like the lights, lights like that always give rooms such a cosy snug vibe!


  4. My husband always finds the coolest stuff. he got some old Adidas windbreaker for like $5 and there were people trying to buy it off him for $50. he ended up loosing it but still, he’s really good at finding stuff.


  5. Wow! You have a really good sense of fashion. Thrift store looks so interesting and good to know that store are more affordable and cheaper than others. I will definitely check this out. By the way, Your outfit is so nice.


  6. Great idea to share the wonders of thrift shopping or in Australia Op Shopping! I love to go out and see whats available and always find something unique. I think it is a great way to support locals and give back to the local community. I like to buy books and find things related to travel whenever I can. Great post!


  7. Yeah, I love going to family store too (salvation army)! Love their 50% discount and most of the items are really in good condition!


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