Coldplay: A head full of dreams tour, live in Edmonton happened last Septemeber 26-27, 2017 at the Rogers Place.

I am one of the few lucky fans who got to experience their show live in the closest section possible (VIP/ floor). This (photo above) was my actual view of the show last night, September 27th at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta. Although, I was originally seated in the lower bowl section (which is kinda far from the stage).. I managed to transfer myself to the VIP section at no expense. Wanna know how I did it? Watch this saturday’s vlog at my youtube channel: Make sure you’re subcribed too! It’s a crazy and unforgetable story.

The show was beyond amazing. Every song that they sang was memorable. I remember just listening to their songs through my phone everytime I’m alone and chilling. And now, I’m hearing and seeing the band live!


My favorite part was when they sang my ultimate coldplay favorite song “everglow”. Every lyric of it meant so much to me. Hearing it live was the best thing that ever happened to me during that night. Singing it live with all the led xylobands qued inside the arena made it more emotional.


This night was indeed memorable because this is my ever concert experience in Edmonton ever since we moved here in Canada! I’m so glad to experience my first with Rogers Place, some of my close friends and Coldpay. It was another check to the bucketlist. Now, off to the next one!

No dslr/ proffesional cameras was allowed inside the venue. We had to use our phone cameras. 


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