Lloydminster, SK maybe a small town, but they do have some of the great restaurants that our country can offer. The other day, we visited the town of Lloydminster which is a few hours away from my current location. Then, we ate at this family friendly fine dining restaurant & lounge called “Ricky’s: All day grill”. Starting off with their moody and chill vibe once you enter the resto, you’ll definitely feel comfy while you’re eating. They’re best known for their breakfast menu according to some of their posters that’s why they serve breakfast even after 4PM. The server during that day was also friendly, which I believe is very important when you’re eating in a fine dining restaurant.


Now, it’s finally time to decide for our food. We had no idea what to get. So, we asked the server for their best sellers. She gave us couple of names that they sell the most and according to her, “great”. So we tried and checked them out, of course! Here are some of the meals that we got:


PRAWN PESTO FETTUCCINE | Juicy prawns and fettuccine tossed in a creamy garlic sauce with pesto. 16.99 CAD – The classic pesto was naturally delicious and full of flavor. Although we expected a little more bigger “prawns” due to the picture/ description used in the menu, it isn’t that big and enough for the served plate.


RADICAL BACON CHEESEBURGER | Maple bacon and a sharp Cheddar crisp, then even more sharp Cheddar melted on our 1/2 lb CAB burger; with crisp lettuce, Windset tomato, crunchy onion tanglers and mayo. 16.99 CAD * Burger platters feature your choice of soup, skin-on fries, tumbleweed chips or tossed salad unless noted. Sub sweet potato fries or onion rings for 1.99. Burgers served on your choice of a toasted sesame seed or multigrain bun. – No words for the classic radical bacon cheeseburger, it is really juicy, fresh and delicious. Plus the bonus on the side soup that perfectly matches the meal.


SUPREME CAESAR SALAD | Shredded Parmesan, croutons and a Parmesan crisp, with Asiago caesar dressing. 11.99 CAD + Add grilled chicken or prawns 4.99 – As expected, it tasted just like a classic caesar salad. I liked the garlic break on the side, though. It perfectly matched the salad itself.



They also gave us a free take out coffee cake dessert and it tasted so good. Overall, it was a great dining experience! Ricky’s (Lloydminster) is located at 7309 44 St, Lloydminster, AB T9V 2X2. They also have a lot of store branches all over the country, you can check them out at your nearest location.


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