Summer is officially over which also means.. back to school. The question is, are you ready? Here are some quick back to school essentials that might help you!

Prepare your baesic school supplies

It’s that time of the year again where you’ll be able to buy your new school supplies such as notebooks, bags and many more. But for some, they just recycle and make use of their previous unused/ barely used supplies (which is perfectly fine and smart!). But we all have to admit, the feeling of buying your new supplies hypes you up for the upcoming school year (or am I the only one?). So basically, you’ll need your notebook/ binders, pens and of course, school bag. These are the most basic needs for most of the students. You’ll have to double check with your school though! After getting those, make sure to organize your school stuffs at least a week before or few days before school starts so you won’t rush the night before.

Make sure to wear your lit #ootds 

It’s fashion time. Make sure you to prepare your clothing attires for the first few days of school already! It’s that time of the year where in you get excited to wear your lit clothes in school (or not). If you don’t have anything to wear yet, make sure to buy in your most convenient store or online (which I recommend)! There are bunch of online shops out there that sells the cheapest and quality products. Remember, you don’t have to buy expensive clothes or whatever, for as long as you feel comfortable wearing or using them.. go ahead. You don’t need to spend too much money all the time to get lit with your outfits. Make sure to get a lot of sweaters and or/hoodies, though. Sweaters are the most comfy and easiest to wear wherever you are. That’s pretty much the most basic thing you should get. Tees comes after. But ofcourse, don’t forget about your school’s dress code!

Prepare your meal plan/ budget 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (incase you don’t know), so make sure to eat your breakfasts before going to school or during your school’s first break. I recommend eating before you leave your home though to get enough energy before school. You can plan your meals for the whole week by writing them down or by simply typing them in your phones. (it’s really helpful, I promise!)  

Ready, set your alarms, go 

I know this part is really painful for most of us, but you just have to do it. Make sure to know your class schedules and alarm your phones in the most reasonable time of waking up. If you don’t wanna rush while taking a shower, eating etc. then make sure to set your alarms early. But if you’re good in rushing things up, you can set your alarm time later. (but not too much though) Latest rush time (maximum) that you can set your alarm is 30 minutes before your first class (this will vary on your home to school distance + if you go to school by yourself!) 

Last but not the least..

Prepare your self, physically and mentally. 

The last thing that you have to do before school starts is to rest. Make sure to get enough sleep (atleast 8 hours) and set back  your body clocks for school. Sleeping is the most important thing ever. This will help you focus more and at the same time, have a good time in school. Make sure to just enjoy being a student and do your thing, school won’t last forever. Next thing you know, you survived your biggest teenage nightmare. 


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