dear future self,

it’s 10:35 on a thursday night and i suddenly got an idea to write a letter for you. i just got home from work and i feel tired right now. i’ve been over thinking about a lot of things recently. i know it’s not healthy to over think but i just can’t help it. my brain’s filled with worries and expectations. i don’t know if I’m on the right track right now, but one thing’s for sure: i’m trying. don’t get me wrong, i’m not sad or depressed. i just overthink too much. and i have to say, you dream too high kiddo. but i hope by the time you’re reading this, you made it. or if not, i hope you’re almost there. i hope you found the right track. i hope you’re not overthinking too much anymore. i hope you’re healthy. and most importantly, i hope you’re truly happy. but you know what, after everything: i’m still so thankful for everything because i get to spend my days with the most important people in my life, my family.

i’m so thankful because they’re always there to support you no matter what. they’re your #1 biggest fan in every single thing that you do. they believe in you.

i love what im doing but i feel like it’ll never be enough. i always want that ‘something else’. and i just can’t figure out what that ‘something else’ is. i hope you found it by now. i hope you’re living the life that you wanna live in.

dear future self, i hope you didn’t give up. always remember those sleepless nights where in you keep on visualizing new ideas and trying to put them up all together. the nights when you can’t sleep because you keep on trying to master the things that you wanna achieve.

i know by the time you’re reading this, you won’t be able to respond to me anymore. but that’s okay, you don’t really have to. it’s time to let go of me, your past. go on with your life and aim higher. keep moving forward, you can always do better.





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