definitely not ready for summer to end.

so here are some things we think you should atleast do before summer ends this year:

relax. ofcourse, you should relax. you have to make sure you’ve relaxed physically and mentally before going back to reality.

go out and enjoy the sun. i guess its pretty obvious that these days won’t last long and eventually, the streets will all be covered by snow. so, go out and enjoy the hot summer days while it still lasts! go to different places that you can enjoy under the sun.

wear all your favorite summer outfits. because you know, it’s gonna be so cold. we don’t know about you, but if you can survive wearing those summer tees and shorts in winter, then you have no problem at all.

camping/picnic. camping and picnics are the most popular activities during summer. so just go out and do it with your friends or family or someone you think you’ll have fun with. it’s also important to spend your summer nights with the most fun people that you know.

go to the beach. (well, if you haven’t yet) i think we all know that the main highlight of summer is the beach. so before the season ends, go to the beach (it doesn’t actually matter where the beach is, as long as you can feel the summer vibe.. go ahead!) and make sure to take that perfect photograph of your summer vacay!

it’s one of the most important things above all. not just because you will post it on social media or something. but for the reason of keeping it as a memory that you can look back in the future. an extra-ordinary summer experience!


but hey, whatever you decide to do in your last summer days.. make sure to bring out the music in you. put on your perfect earphones or headphones while walking by the beach or by the streets of summer or wherever you decide to go. listen to the sound of summer and just enjoy the vibe! wouldn’t that be perfect? now, let’s make it ten times better with a wireless bluetooth water-resistant earphone / headset  that easily connects to your phone to make your summer experience even better! or, a backpack bag that has a built-in external usb charger to charge-up your gadgets while enjoying your crazy summer nights! all that and more are now available online at !   shop until you drop and make the most out of your summer!

special thanks to smart moderns: portable headphones and technology for partnering with us for this one! make sure to check them out online and shop now.


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