be the social media hero you know you can be. the application that will change your social media career is finally here. the secret is out, heroicsocial is the one! heroic social is a social media management application that focuses on audience management and growth. we know that you have a lot of options when it comes to social media management toolsets. so why did they decide to create another one? well, quite simply, because there were things lacking in all of the other services and they wanted to take what is currently being done and take it a step further. for example, several applications provide the ability to lookup and copy the followers of another twitter account. But Heroic Social is the first to provide data on how many of those users actually follow you back so you can determine if you are getting good value there.


here’s another example – there are likely dozens of applications that allow you to follow back your followers, but how many of them provide the ability to easily follow back only those users who, for instance, have at least 200 followers, speak English or Spanish, does not have a default profile picture, has a follower ratio between 0.9 and 1.1, you’ve never unfollowed in the past, and has tweeted in the last 3 days? It’s incredibly easy to do this and much more at Heroic Social.

furthermore, the creators are constantly adding new features to the application so it’s ever evolving and getting better every day. Try it out for free today! #HEROICXMIGGS 

Click here to change your social media game today! 


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